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The 2016 Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show

The 2016 Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show will surely be one to remember. Our Spring Fling theme will be our first show to delight ALL of your senses. As seen at our past shows, our talented gardeners will create beautiful gardens, full of eye-popping color for you to SEE. You will certainly SMELL the wonderful fragrance of the fresh flowers and greenery again this year. Many of our displays will be completely interactive, allowing you to TOUCH and feel the gorgeous bounty that spring provides. But hold on to your hat- this is where we really mix things up--- At this year’s show, right in the heart of our magnificent garden displays, you will HEAR something so spectacular that your feet just won’t be able to keep still. Yes, that’s right- You may find yourself singing and dancing while viewing the gardens at this truly memorable Spring Fling. Chances are you won’t even realize that it’s the dead of winter or freezing cold outside because we will be seriously cranking up the heat at the 2016 Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show!

On Friday, February 19, from 4-7, the ever popular band, Reminisce will absolutely dazzle you with their amazing 50’s & 60’s musical performance – you heard it here, Doo Wop- right in the in the middle of our gardens! As if that weren’t exciting enough, on Saturday, February 20, from 4-7, the electrifying World Premier Band will kick it up a notch bring a whole new twist to your favorite music of the 90’s and today seeding it with funk, lots of dance, some exciting originals and their remarkable Rhythm &Blues.

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